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Photography Instruction

Individual Instruction
Individual help sessions for whatever you most feel the need for. Design your own class!

I also offer the following classes through the Falmouth Community School (night school).
See the night school web site for enrollment information.

Digital Photography 101
An in-depth introduction to the three major skill areas needed to produce great photographs:

  1. Camera handling: take control of your camera by getting out of fully-automatic mode through an understanding of the photographic triangle: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Learn to select the best combinations to suit your subject and conditions.
  2. Composition and lighting: Improve on your artistic vision by knowing and applying a few basic principles of composition and lighting.
  3. The Digital Darkroom: Get started with try-before-you-buy, professional-level image editing software, and tweak your images to perfection.

This will be a hands-on class, getting theory into practice quickly and painlessly. Bring your camera with a fully charged battery to every class.
6 weeks, 2 hours per class

Photographic Composition
Great images are not taken by great cameras, they are taken by great photographers. Whether you are shooting with a phone camera, a simple point-and-shoot or an advanced DSLR, the quality of your images will be largely determined not only by your ability to identify an interesting subject, but to also capture it in a compelling manner. Take your photos to the next level by learning the principles of composition and lighting and applying them in a manner that will help you create truly great shots. Half of each session will be spent in the classroom, the other half out taking pictures putting the principles to work.
4 weeks, 2.5 hours per class

Understanding Your Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera
Do you want to take great pictures without learning about ISO, aperture, white balance, etc.? You are in luck! Today's digital point-and-shoot digital cameras make it easy to take quality photos without a lot of technical knowledge. But what do all those menu items mean on your new camera, and how can you best use all those features to take clear, sharp shots? If you already own a camera, bring it and your camera manual to the first class. If not, after the first class you will have the knowledge you need to go shopping with confidence. Subjects to be covered include:

2 weeks, 1.5 hours per class