Jen Kano Photography


Moon over saltmarsh


I have a deep appreciation for Mother Nature's artwork. I see amazing beauty wherever I look and feel privledged to be able to capture some of it through photography.

I am also fascinated by the juxtaposition of the man-made with the natural. No matter how ugly or beautiful a man-made object may be, Mother Nature still surrounds it with beauty and lends it her grace.


Wild Life

Really more of Mother Nature's handiwork, but deserving of a category of it's own. The sheer magnitude of the variety--and stunning beauty--of living things on our planet is truly incredible. I never tire of photographing it.

Baby and Mom


While we tend to think of man-made things and natural things as being totally separate, the makers of man-made things are humans--really just another species on our planet--and just as nature-made as all the rest. While I am not much of a "people person" in the social sense, I am a keen observer of humanity and partucularly enjoy photographing people going about the business of day-to-day living.


Whaa..?! But once you get over that, you can just enjoy an image for itself. Freed from the need to identify, how does the image make you feel? What does it evoke? I love abstracts. They are an opportunity to explore pure composition... line, shape, form, pattern, texture, color, tone... beauty in it's purest most elemental form.

Fireworks My first attempt at photographing fireworks was on July 4, 2016. What fun! I was amazed at the wonderful abstracts that resulted.



I am still an explorer when it comes to photography. I enjoying trying new techniques and subjects both in camera and in post-processing. Who knows what new passion in photography may emerge?